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Education SOPs - Accounts

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SOP-AC-01 : Role of Accounts
SOP-AC-02 : Accounts Organizational Structure
SOP-AC-03 : Accounting Metrics
SOP-AC-04 : Salary Processing
SOP-AC-05 : Various Governing Acts 
SOP-AC-06 : Provident Fund
SOP-AC-07 : Employee State Insurance
SOP-AC-08 : Insurance Requirements
SOP-AC-09 : Intellectual Property Rights
SOP-AC-10 : Asset Management
SOP-AC-11 : Cost Reduction Initiatives
SOP-AC-12 : Service Tax Procedures
SOP-AC-13 : TDS procedure
SOP-AC-14 : Professional Tax
SOP-AC-15 : Value Added Tax
SOP-AC-16 : Luxury Tax
SOP-AC-17 : Receipts
SOP-AC-18 : Purchase Order Approval and Payment Process
SOP-AC-19 : Bank Accounts and Investments
SOP-AC-20 : Budget Development and Administration
SOP-AC-21 : Bank Accounts and Investments
SOP-AC-22 : Payment Procedures
SOP-AC-23 : Procedure for Bidding Process
SOP-AC-24 : Procedure for Obtaining Quotes
SOP-AC-25 : Request for Proposal (RFP) Process

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Education SOPs - Academics

SOP-AM-01 : College-Wide Tutoring Program
SOP-AM-02 : Library Closing Routine
SOP-AM-03 :Library Opening Routine
SOP-AM-04 :Borrowing Materials
SOP-AM-05 :Textbook/Reserve area
SOP-AM-06 :Internet/Book Catalog
SOP-AM-07 :Rules of Conduct
SOP-AM-08 :Loan Desk
SOP-AM-09 :Reserving Rooms
SOP-AM-10 :Listening/Viewing Center
SOP-AM-11 :Information Desk
SOP-AM-12 :Group Study Rooms
SOP-AM-13 :Library Cards
SOP-AM-14 :Collection Development
SOP-AM-15 :Library Orientations
SOP-AM-16 :Requesting A.V. Equipment
SOP-AM-17 :LVC/Computer Labs

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Education SOPs - Admissions

SOP-AD-01 : Enrollment Eligibility
SOP-AD-02 : Enrollment Orientation
SOP-AD-03 : Continuing Enrollment
SOP-AD-04 : New Enrollment
SOP-AD-05 : Lottery and Waiting List
SOP-AD-06 : Enrollment Completion Process
SOP-AD-07 : Enrollment Counts and Daily Attendance
SOP-AD-08 : Student Withdrawal and Emergency Preparedness/Response

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Education SOPs - Alumni Affairs

SOP-AA-01 : Raising the Corpus
SOP-AA-02 : Managing the Corpus
SOP-AA-03 : Development and Futuristic options
SOP-AA-04 : Suspension of Alumni Associations
SOP-AA-05 : Alumni Communication
SOP-AA-06 : Fund Raising
SOP-AA-07 : Alumni Newsletters
SOP-AA-08 : Request Transcripts
SOP-AA-09 : Volunteer Opportunities

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Education SOPs - Examinations

SOP-EX-01 : Administrative Structure
SOP-EX-02 : Preparation of Academic Year Schedule
SOP-EX-03 : Preparation of teaching timetable
SOP-EX-04 : Preparation of consultation timetables
SOP-EX-05 : Preparation of examination processing schedule
SOP-EX-06 : Preparation of examination timetable
SOP-EX-07 : Coordination of administration of examinations
SOP-EX-08 : Process for Examination Processing
SOP-EX-09 : Examination Attendance Record
SOP-EX-10 : Examination Incidents Form
SOP-EX-11 : Examination Processing Form
SOP-EX-12 : Examination Data
SOP-EX-13 : Examination timetable
SOP-EX-14 : Teaching Timetable
SOP-EX-15 : Process for Examination Conduct Report Writing

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Education SOPs - Facility Management

SOP-FM-01 : Key Control
SOP-FM-02 : Over Time
SOP-FM-03 : Attire
SOP-FM-04 : Smoking Policy
SOP-FM-05 : Staff Computer Use
SOP-FM-06 : Travel
SOP-FM-07 : Handheld Radio Use
SOP-FM-08 : Repeater Phones
SOP-FM-09 : Hiring Employee Guidelines
SOP-FM-10 : New Employee Preparation
SOP-FM-11 : Purchasing Procedures
SOP-FM-12 : Building Occupant Notification
SOP-FM-13 : Protocol for Entering Student Housing
SOP-FM-14 : Unlocking Buildings and Classrooms
SOP-FM-15 : Delivery and Receipt of Packages
SOP-FM-16 : Mail
SOP-FM-17 : Injuries and Incidents
SOP-FM-18 : Work Order Procedure
SOP-FM-19 : Completed Work Orders
SOP-FM-20 : How to Close Out Work Orders
SOP-FM-21 : Work Order Flow
SOP-FM-22 : Work Order Prioritization
SOP-FM-23 : Room Renovation
SOP-FM-24 : Diver's License Verification
SOP-FM-25 : Vehicle Safety
SOP-FM-26 : Driving of Campus with University Vehicle
SOP-FM-27 : Accident Investigation Process
SOP-FM-28 : Vehicle Repairs
SOP-FM-29 : Service and Inspection
SOP-FM-30 : Small Engine Repair
SOP-FM-31 : Lifting
SOP-FM-32 : Plant Operations Normal Work Day
SOP-FM-33 : Plant Operations Break Time
SOP-FM-34 : Plant Operations Storage
SOP-FM-35 : Identifying Underground Utilities for Construction Projects
SOP-FM-36 : Contractor Access to Secured Areas
SOP-FM-37 : Trouble Call Sheet
SOP-FM-38 : Combustion Calibration
SOP-FM-39 : Boiler Maintenance
SOP-FM-40 : Rebuild Boiler feed Pumps
SOP-FM-41 : Pump Maintenance
SOP-FM-42 : Boiler Start-up on Fuel Oil Routine
SOP-FM-43 : Portable Fuel Oil Tank Operation
SOP-FM-44 : Overhead Utility Pole Numbering
SOP-FM-45 : Scissor Lift Operation
SOP-FM-46 : Personal Protective Equipment
SOP-FM-47 : Orange Safety Vest Use
SOP-FM-48 : Tool Accountability
SOP-FM-49 : Equipment Loans
SOP-FM-50 : Power Outage
SOP-FM-51 : Energy Savings
SOP-FM-52 : Medium Voltage Electrical Systems
SOP-FM-53 : Emergency Generator Inspection
SOP-FM-54 : Generator Hookup and Operations
SOP-FM-55 : Emergency Generator Fuel Records
SOP-FM-56 : Emergency Power
SOP-FM-57 : Extended Power Outage
SOP-FM-58 : Switching Campus Power to Normal Feed from Medium Voltage
SOP-FM-59 : High Voltage Switch Operations
SOP-FM-60 : Electrical Safety
SOP-FM-61 : Interior Re-lamp
SOP-FM-62 : Exterior Re-lamp
SOP-FM-63 : Used Bulb and Ballast Storage
SOP-FM-64 : Heating Ventilation and Air-Conditioning Operating Parameters
SOP-FM-65 : Electrical and H VAC Equipment Inspection and Repair
SOP-FM-66 : Cooling Tower Maintenance
SOP-FM-67 : Annual Chiller Maintenance
SOP-FM-68 : Chiller Start-Up
SOP-FM-69 : Air Compressor Inspection
SOP-FM-70 : Electric Motor Inspection
SOP-FM-71 : Repairing or Replacing Split Systems Air-Conditioning Units
SOP-FM-72 : Chill Water System Isolation
SOP-FM-73 : Closing Entrance Valves
SOP-FM-74 : Changing Bag Filters on Hot Water Circulating Systems
SOP-FM-75 : Changing Bag Filters on Cold Water Circulating Systems
SOP-FM-76 : Portable Pump Use
SOP-FM-77 : Campus Sewer Problems
SOP-FM-78 : Sewer Camera Operations
SOP-FM-79 : Flesh-O-Meter Troubleshooting
SOP-FM-80 : Sewer Machine Operating Instructions
SOP-FM-81 : Ladder Use
SOP-FM-82 : Ladder Inspection
SOP-FM-83 : Roof Maintenance
SOP-FM-84 : Variable Frequency Drives
SOP-FM-85 : Fire Extinguisher Inspection
SOP-FM-86 : Fire Alarm Battery Testing
SOP-FM-87 : Fire Alarm Systems
SOP-FM-88 : Fire Alarm Indicating Devices
SOP-FM-89 : Smoke Detector Test
SOP-FM-90 : Maintenance of Fire Suppression Equipment
SOP-FM-91 : Elevator Rescue
SOP-FM-92 : Locating Utilities
SOP-FM-93 : Generator Test Plant-Center for Commerce and Technology Building
SOP-FM-94 : Fire Pump-Center for Commerce and Technology Building
SOP-FM-95 : Refrigerant Certification
SOP-FM-96 : Boiler Certification
SOP-FM-97 : Operator Qualification Program, Natural Gas
SOP-FM-98 : Back Flow Certification

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Education SOPs - Finance

SOP-FN-01 : Account Set-up
SOP-FN-02 : Account Distribution and Adjustment Form
SOP-FN-03 : Petty Cash Purchase
SOP-FN-04 : Cash Receipts
SOP-FN-05 : Travel Advance and Reimbursement
SOP-FN-06 : Accounts Payable Voucher System

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Education SOPs – Laboratory

SOP-LA-01 : General Laboratory Safety
SOP-LA-02 : University Safety and Waste Handling Document
SOP-LA-03 : Laboratory Water
SOP-LA-04 : General Labware Cleaning Procedure
SOP-LA-05 : General Autoclave Operation
SOP-LA-06 : Bottle Autoclaving Procedure
SOP-LA-07 : Waste Autoclaving Procedure
SOP-LA-08 : Ambient Waters Microbiological Procedure
SOP-LA-09 : ISDS Microbiological Procedure
SOP-LA-10 : Total Suspended Solids Analysis
SOP-LA-11 : Alkalinity and pH Procedures
SOP-LA-12 : Biochemical Oxygen Demand Procedure
SOP-LA-13 : Chlorophyll-A Analysis, Welschmeyer Method
SOP-LA-14 : Chloride Analysis
SOP-LA-15 : Ammonia Analysis
SOP-LA-16 : Orthophosphate and Nitrate + Nitrate Analysis
SOP-LA-17 : Total Phosphorus and Nitrogen Analysis
SOP-LA-18 : Salinity Analysis
SOP-LA-19 : Enterococci Analysis using Enterolert IDEXX Method
SOP-LA-20 : Analytical Balance Calibration
SOP-LA-21 : Heterotrophic Plate Count

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Education SOPs - Maintenance

SOP-OM-01 : Terminologies in Operations & Maintenance
SOP-OM-02 : Roles & Responsibilities Of Operations & Maintenance
SOP-OM-03 : Preventive Maintenance Program for Air-Conditioning
SOP-OM-04 : Preventive Maintenance Program For Water Heaters
SOP-OM-05 : Preventive Maintenance program For Electrical & Electronic Equipment's
SOP-OM-06 : Preventive Maintenance Program For Furniture
SOP-OM-07 : Windows and Glass pane maintenance
SOP-OM-08 : Maintenance Forms
SOP-OM-09 : Maintenance & Safe Operation Of Vehicles
SOP-OM-10 : Signages within Pleasant Days
SOP-OM-11 : Maintenance of Pool side area
SOP-OM-12 : Maintenance of Gym
SOP-OM-13 : Breakdown Maintenance in Occupied Room
SOP-OM-14 : Interaction and Co-ordination with Other Departments
SOP-OM-15 : Maintenance & Upkeep of Fire Extinguisher
SOP-OM-16 : Generator Maintenance
SOP-OM-17 : Utilities Management
SOP-OM-18 : Asset & Equipment legal Compliances
SOP-OM-19 : Operational Safety of Gas & Electrical Equipment in Production Areas
SOP-OM-20 : Inspection & Maintenance of Drainage Systems
SOP-OM-21 : Rain Water Harvesting
SOP-OM-22 : Green Initiatives Within Pleasant Days
SOP-OM-23 : Pest Control in Pleasant Days
SOP-OM-24 : General Precautionary Actions
SOP-OM-25 : Handling of Locks and Key
SOP-OM-26 : Control of Inventory and Spare Parts
SOP-OM-27 : Maintenance Registers & Records
SOP-OM-28 : Painting & Renovation
SOP-OM-29 : Closets, Washbasins and Bathtubs Maintenance


Education SOPs - Marketing

SOP-SM-01 : The Sales and Marketing Organization
SOP-SM-02 : Sales and Marketing functions
SOP-SM-03 : Terminologies in Sales and Marketing
SOP-SM-04 : The Sales Process
SOP-SM-05 : Negotiation Techniques
SOP-SM-06 : Customer Relationship Management
SOP-SM-07 : Effective Techniques in Sales
SOP-SM-08 : Marketing Techniques
SOP-SM-09 : Customer Service in Sales
SOP-SM-10 : Credit Policy
SOP-SM-11 : Booking Policy
SOP-SM-12 : Cancellation Policy
SOP-SM-13 : Discount Policy

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Education SOPs - Purchase

SOP-PD-01 : Processing a Purchase Order
SOP-PD-02 : Ordering Supplies from the Warehouse
SOP-PD-03 : Just-In-Time Office Supplies Program
SOP-PD-04 : Vendor Application and Database Management
SOP-PD-05 : Gas Receipts and Vehicle Repair Log
SOP-PD-06 : Procurement Checklist
SOP-PD-07 : Measure A—Procurement Requirements
SOP-PD-08 : Surplus Property
SOP-PD-09 : Requesting a Purchase Order for Goods
SOP-PD-10 : Routing of "Payto" Requisitions and Invoices

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Education SOPs - Personnel Procedures

SOP-PP-01 : Attendance Verification
SOP-PP-02 : Sick Days
SOP-PP-03 : Personal Leave Days
SOP-PP-04 : Custodial/Maintenance/Grounds Overtime
SOP-PP-05 : Requesting a Leave of Absence
SOP-PP-06 : Days Allowed For Absences
SOP-PP-07 : Employee Name Change
SOP-PP-08 : Position Classification and Control System

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Education SOPs - Public Relations

SOP-PR-01 : Routine Operational Incidence
SOP-PR-02 : High Profile cases and Operations
SOP-PR-03 : Police staff and General Matters
SOP-PR-04 : Policy Matters
SOP-PR-05 : Releasing Photographs and CCTV Images
SOP-PR-06 : Withholding Information
SOP-PR-07 : Pre-trail and Pre-Verdict Press Briefings
SOP-PR-08 : Responding to inaccuracies
SOP-PR-09 : Media Protocols during Election
SOP-PR-10 : Liaison with Local Press
SOP-PR-11 : Taking the media on Police Operations
SOP-PR-12 : Reality TV Shows
SOP-PR-13 : Writing Books and Articles
SOP-PR-14 : Intranet Publishing
SOP-PR-15 : Internet Publishing
SOP-PR-16 : Contractors and Publicity
SOP-PR-17 : Freedom of Information
SOP-PR-18 : Internal Investigation and Discipline
SOP-PR-19 : Media Advise and databases of lines to take
SOP-PR-20 : Press Identification Cards
SOP-PR-21 : Promoting Institutions Work and Achievement
SOP-PR-22 : Public Scrutiny

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Education SOPs - Stores

SOP-ST-01 : Receiving and Processing of Incoming Goods
SOP-ST-02 : Materials Return
SOP-ST-03 : Inventory Management
SOP-ST-04 : Storage of Materials
SOP-ST-05 : Preservation of Materials
SOP-ST-06 : Issue of Materials from the Store
SOP-ST-07 : Stores Accounting
SOP-ST-08 : Scrap Management
SOP-ST-09 : Stock Verification
SOP-ST-10 : Safety of Stores
SOP-ST-11 : Security of Stores


Education SOPs - Student Affairs

SOP-SA-01 : Grant Development
SOP-SA-02 : Assessment – English Math for New Students
SOP-SA-03 : Assessment – ESL Student Testing
SOP-SA-04 : Calworks – Counseling Case Management
SOP-SA-05 : Calworks – Eligibility Verification Process
SOP-SA-06 : Calworks – Student Intake Orientation
SOP-SA-07 : EOPs/Care Student Recruitment
SOP-SA-08 : Student Services Outreach Event Reservation
SOP-SA-09 : Student Code of Conduct


Education SOPs - Technology and Information Management

SOP-IT-01 : Access for Users
SOP-IT-02 : Virus Software and Computer Security
SOP-IT-03 : Reporting Technical Problems or Requesting Assistance
SOP-IT-04 : Repair Request for Student Laptops
SOP-IT-05 : Blocked Web Pages
SOP-IT-06 : Request of New Phones
SOP-IT-07 : Emergency Requests
SOP-IT-08 : Systems Access-Requesting, Changing and Closing Accounts
SOP-IT-09 : Requests for Purchase Technology Items
SOP-IT-10 : Discarding of Equipment
SOP-IT-11 : Data Backups for Computer Users
SOP-IT-12 : Mobile Laptop Carts

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