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Understanding the Current State & Mapping the Future

Process Improvement is the way to develop and grow the organizations. In today's complex, ever-changing market and consumer preferences, organizations need to be more agile in adopting to those changes before the competitor does. How fast an organization is able to understand the environment has become a competitive edge. Hence it is time to transform your organization to be process-centric.

A process-centric organization is the one that is aware of its primary, secondary and management processes and manages those processes at the optimal level. Primary processes are those that are directly delivering value to the customer. Secondary processes are those that assists the primary processes to function more effectively. Management processes are the ones that monitors and controls the primary and secondary processes. Fhyzics assists your organization to identify the processes and map them. Once the current state of the processes are mapped, our team will work with the stakeholders of your organization in creating the future state map. Both the current state and future state maps will be analysed to identify the capability gaps. Finally our team will recommend solutions to fill the identified capability gaps and help you in implementing them.

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