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Finance SOPs - Finance & Accounting

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SOP-FN-01 : Receipt of Bills
SOP-FN-02 : Entry of Bill in the Books of Accounts
SOP-FN-03 : Preparation of Approval note for payment
SOP-FN-04 : Issue of Cheques
SOP-FN-05 : Dispatch of Cheques
SOP-FN-06 : Cash Payments
SOP-FN-07 : Payroll
SOP-FN-08 : Staff Advances & Loan
SOP-FN-09 : Fixed Asset Register
SOP-FN-11 : Service Tax
SOP-FN-13 : PF
SOP-FN-14 : Employee Insurance
SOP-FN-15 : Bank Payment
SOP-FN-16 : Tours & Travel Statements
SOP-FN-17 : Compliance of Audit Queries
SOP-FN-18 : Cash payments and Journal Vouchers
SOP-FN-19 : Responsibilities of Finance Manager
SOP-FN-20 : Responsibilities of Accounts Officer
SOP-FN-21 : Responsibilities of Accountant / Cashier
SOP-FN-22 : Value Added Tax
SOP-FN-23 : Insurance Requirements
SOP-FN-24 : Various Governing Acts
SOP-FN-25 : Intellectual Property Rights
SOP-FN-26 : Cost Reduction Initiatives
SOP-FN-27 : Professional Tax
SOP-FN-28 : Asset Management
SOP-FN-29 : Accounting Metrics

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Finance SOPs - Marketing

SOP-SM-01 : The Sales and Marketing Organization
SOP-SM-02 : Sales and Marketing functions
SOP-SM-03 : Terminologies in Sales and Marketing
SOP-SM-04 : The Sales Process
SOP-SM-05 : Negotiation Techniques
SOP-SM-06 : Customer Relationship Management
SOP-SM-07 : Effective Techniques in Sales
SOP-SM-08 : Marketing Techniques
SOP-SM-09 : Customer Service in Sales
SOP-SM-10 : Credit Policy
SOP-SM-11 : Booking Policy
SOP-SM-12 : Cancellation Policy
SOP-SM-13 : Discount Policy

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