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Action to be taken During Spillage/Breakage of Materials
Action to be taken for Unusual Observation for Instrument During Calibration
Air Dryers
Air Sampler
Allocating Document Protocol Number for Instrument Qualification
Allocating Identification Number to Instrument/Equipment
Alu Alu Blister Pack Machine
Analysis and Release of Finished Product Sample
Analysis of Water
Analysis on UV-Visible Spectrophotometer
Analyst Validation
Antimicrobial Effectiveness Testing
Automatic Batch Printing Machine
Automatic Capsule Filling Line
Automatic Capsule Filling Machine
Automatic Coating System (NEOCOTA 48")
Backup/Restore Analytical Data in Electronic Form
Bacterial Endotoxin (LAL) Test
Bacterial Endotoxin Test
Bacteriological Incubator
Bacteriological Incubator in Pharma
Batch Printing Machine (Semi-Automatic)
Behaviour in Quality Control Department
Biomerieux Kit
Blister Pack Machine
Breakdown Maintenance of Equipment, Machinery and Facility
Bursting Strength Tester
Cad Mill
Cage Blender
Calibration of Dry Bath
Calibration BOD / Bacteriological Incubator
Calibration Procedure of U.V.Cabinet
Calibration Programme
Calibration Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyser
Calibration of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer (AAS)
Calibration of Automatic Box Compression Strength Tester (Digital Model)
Calibration of Autotitrator
Calibration of Autotitrator in Pharma
Calibration of Balance
Calibration of Balance in Pharma
Calibration of Brook Field Viscometer
Calibration of Bursting Strength Tester
Calibration of Colony Counter
Calibration of Conductivity Meter
Calibration of Conductivity TDS Meter
Calibration of Coulter Counter
Calibration of Disintegration Test Apparatus
Calibration of FT-IR Spectrometer
Calibration of Gas Chromatograph
Calibration of Glassware
Calibration of Glassware in Pharmaceuticals
Calibration of HPLC (Low Pressure Quaternary Gradient Liquid Chromatograph)
Calibration of HPLC Column Oven
Calibration of Halogen Moisture Analyzer
Calibration of Hardness Tester
Calibration of Head Space Gas Chromatograph
Calibration of High Performance Thin Layer Chromatography
Calibration of Hot Air Oven
Calibration of Infrared Moisture Balance
Calibration of Infrared Spectrophotometer
Calibration of Instruments in Production and Quality Control
Calibration of Karl Fischer Apparatus
Calibration of Melting Point Apparatus
Calibration of Mercury Filled Glass Thermometer
Calibration of Micropipettes
Calibration of Microscope
Calibration of Oven
Calibration of Pipettes, Burettes and Volumetric Flasks Used in Quality Control
Calibration of Plunger Operated Pipette
Calibration of Polarimeter
Calibration of Polarimeter in Pharma
Calibration of Potentiometric Titrator (Metrohm)
Calibration of Refractometer
Calibration of Refractometer in Pharma
Calibration of Slit-to-Agar Air Sampler
Calibration of Thermometer
Calibration of Thermometer in Pharma
Calibration of UV-Vis Spectrophotometer
Calibration of Vacuum Oven
Calibration of Vernier Calliper
Calibration of Walk-in-Incubators 20-25⁰ C and 30-35⁰ C
Calibration of pH Meter (GMPH)
Calibration of pH Meter (pH Tutor)
Calibration of pH Meter Temperature Sensor
Calibration pH Meters
Calibration and System Suitability of Total Organic Carbon (TOC) Analyzer
Careful Handling of Poisonous Chemicals
Carrying out Air Borne Particle Count in Static Condition
Carton Sealing Machine
Centrifuge Machine
Centrifuge Machine in Pharma
Challenge Test of Solid Flow Monitor in Fluid Bed Dryer
Changeovers Carried Out in Manufacturing and Packing Area
Check suitability of Dissolution Test Apparatus
Check the Fertility Properties of the Procured Microbiological Media
Checking Effectiveness of Disinfection / Cleaning Procedure
Chemical Sanitation of Pretreatment Section of Purified Water Generation System
Cleaning Procedure for Dissolution Test Apparatus
Cleaning Procedure of Balances
Cleaning Zone Reader
Cleaning and Maintenance of Microscope
Cleaning and Disinfection
Cleaning and Maintenance of Boilers
Cleaning and Maintenance of Fogger
Cleaning and Operation of Anaerobic Culture Jar
Cleaning and Operation of BOD Incubator (30⁰ C - 35⁰ C)
Cleaning and Operation of Bio-safety Cabinet
Cleaning and Operation of Laminal Air Flow Workstation
Cleaning and Operation of Communiting Mil
Cleaning and Sanitization of Microbiology Lab
Cleaning and Sanitization of Microbiology Section with Disinfectants
Cleaning and Sterilization of Glassware Used in Microbiology Laboratory
Cleaning and Storage of Flexible Pipes
Cleaning foe DHS
Cleaning for Microbiology Laboratory other than Clean Area
Cleaning of Alu-Alu Packing Machine
Cleaning of Atomic Absorption Spectrophotometer
Cleaning of Autoclave
Cleaning of Autodiluter
Cleaning of Automatic Cartoning Machine
Cleaning of Automatic Coating System
Cleaning of Automatic Distillation Apparatus
Cleaning of Barrel Pump And Pipe
Cleaning of Bins and HDPE Containers
Cleaning of Blister Packing Machine
Cleaning of Box Compression Strength Tester
Cleaning of Brooke Field Viscometer
Cleaning of Bursting Strength Tester
Cleaning of Cad Mill
Cleaning of Capsule Filling Line
Cleaning of Centrifuge
Cleaning of Checkweigher
Cleaning of Chilled Water System
Cleaning of Clean Area (Sterile Area)
Cleaning of Colloidal Mill
Cleaning of Colony Counter
Cleaning of Colony Counter in Pharma
Cleaning of Conveyor Belt
Cleaning of Coulter Counter
Cleaning of Deblistering Machine
Cleaning of Deburring and Dedusting Machine
Cleaning of Deep Freezer
Cleaning of Dehumidifier
Cleaning of Disintegration Test Apparatus
Cleaning of Disintegration Test Apparatus in Pharma
Cleaning of Dispensing Utensils
Cleaning of Dispensing and Sampling Room
Cleaning of Dissolution Tester
Cleaning of Drum Mixer
Cleaning of EPD Collator Machine with Strip Packing Machine
Cleaning of Equipment and Accessories in Production Area
Cleaning of Equipments in Microbiology Section
Cleaning of Exhaust Ducts in Coating Area
Cleaning of FBD Bag
Cleaning of Fluidised Bed Dryer (FBD)
Cleaning of Fourier Transform Infrared Spectrophotometer
Cleaning of Friability Test Apparatus
Cleaning of Gas Chromatograph (Head Space)
Cleaning of Glassware Used for Microbiological Testing
Cleaning of Glassware Used in Chemical Testing
Cleaning of Glassware for Microbiology
Cleaning of Halogen Moisture Analyzer
Cleaning of Heating Block
Cleaning of High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC)
Cleaning of High Performance Thin Layer Chromatograph
Cleaning of Hose Pipe of Dust Extraction System
Cleaning of Incubator
Cleaning of Karl Fischer Apparatus
Cleaning of Lighting and Fixtures
Cleaning of Melting Point Apparatus
Cleaning of Metal Detector
Cleaning of Metrohm Karl Fischer
Cleaning of Microbiological Glassware with Chromic Acid Mixture
Cleaning of Microbiology Laboratory
Cleaning of Microscope
Cleaning of Mini Roll Compactor
Cleaning of Multi Roll
Cleaning of Octagonal Blender
Cleaning of Oven for Depyrogenation
Cleaning of Oven for Incubator at 55⁰ C
Cleaning of Pallet
Cleaning of Paste Kettle
Cleaning of Photoflurometer
Cleaning of Polarimeter
Cleaning of Polariscope
Cleaning of Pressure Vessel, Peristaltic Pump and Spraying Gun
Cleaning of Puncture Resistance Tester
Cleaning of Quality Control Dept. Throughout Working
Cleaning of Quality Control Laboratory
Cleaning of Quadrant Meter
Cleaning of Rapid Mixer Granulator (R.M.G)
Cleaning of Refractometer
Cleaning of Refirgerator
Cleaning of S.S. Bins, Containers, Pallet, Hosepipes Material Transfer Pipe and Accessories
Cleaning of S.S. Vessel and Utensils
Cleaning of Sampling Equipment
Cleaning of Semi Auto Induction Cap Sealing Machine
Cleaning of Semi-Automatic Cartoning Machine
Cleaning of Slit to Agar Sampler
Cleaning of Sterile Dress Cabinet
Cleaning of Steritest
Cleaning of Stirrer
Cleaning of Strip Packing Machine
Cleaning of Tablet Compression Machine
Cleaning of Tablet Counter
Cleaning of Tablet Hardness Tester
Cleaning of Tap Density Apparatus
Cleaning of Three Piece Filling Machine Parts and Silicon Tubing
Cleaning of U.V. / Visible Spectrophotometer
Cleaning of Ultrasonic Bath
Cleaning of Vacuum Cleaner
Cleaning of Vacuum Oven
Cleaning of Vertical Autoclave
Cleaning of Vibro Sifter
Cleaning of Water Bath
Cleaning of Water Bath in Pharma
Cleaning of Water Purification System
Cleaning of the Insecticutors
Cleaning off Capsule Filling Cubicle
Cleaning, Maintenance and Calibration of Digital Colony Counter
Cleaning, Operation and Calibration of Antibiotic Zone Reader
Collection and Storage of Control Sample
Collection and Storage of Retained Samples of Packaging Materials
Collection and Storage of Retained Samples of Raw Material
Collection and Testing of Samples During Process Simulation
Collection of Swab Sample
Colloid Mill
Compression Machine 20 Station (Single Rotary Type)
Compression Machine 27 Stations (Double Rotary Type)
Conduct Temperature Mapping in Stores
Control Environment Chamber (30⁰ C / 75% RH)
Control Environment Chamber (40⁰ C / 75% RH)
Control of Master Data Generation by Computer System
Control of Record of Analysis in Quality Control
Conveyor Belt in Packing
Cooling Systems (Chillers)
Cooling Towers
Count Down Timer
DOP Testing (Filter Integrity Testing) of HEPA Filters
De-aeration of Dissolution Media
De-blistering Machine
Debarring Machine
Deburring & Dedusting Machine
Destroying the Inprocess, Finished Product and Raw Materials Samples Timely After Testing
Destruction of Control Samples (Raw Material and Finished Product)
Destruction of Online Rejects of Printed and Overprinted Packaging Materials
Destruction of Rejected Materials
Determination Microbial Contamination in Raw Materials and Finished Products
Die Blocking
Diesel Generator Set (DG)
Dispatch the Finished Goods Outside the Factory Premises
Dispensing and Issuance of Raw Material
Dispensing and Issuing of Packing Material as Per Production Requirement
Disposal of Contaminated Material
Disposal of Empty Media Container
Disposal of Expired Chemicals, Reagents, Solvents and Micro-biological Medium
Disposal of Media
Disposal of Media containing Growth
Disposal of Media Fill Vials
Disposal of Media Fill Vials after Observation
Disposal of Microbial Culture Media and Cleaning of Glassware Used for Culture Media
Disposal of Rejected Packing Material
Disposal of Wastage and Transfer to ETP
Dynamic Pass Box
Electrical Safety
Entering in Inoculation Room
Entering in Sterility Testing Room
Entry and Exit in Area for Microbiological Analysis
Entry and Exit in Microbiological Testing Room
Entry and Exit into Form Fill Seal (FFS) Area
Entry and Exit into Microbiology Testing Area and Sterility Testing Area
Entry and Exit into Quality Control Laboratory
Entry in and Exit from the Suspension Manufacturing
Enumeration of Spore Count in Biological Indicators
Environmental Monitoring By Non Viable Air Particle Count
Environmental Monitoring of Aseptic Area: Non Viable Air Particle Count of Air
Environmental Monitoring of Aseptic Area by Air Sampling for Viable Count using Air Sampler
Environmental Monitoring of Aseptic Area: Finger Prints and Gown Sampling
Environmental Monitoring of Clean Area and LAF Modules
Environmental Monitoring of Dispensing and Sampling Area in Raw Materials
Environmental Monitoring of Manufacturing Area by Settling Plate Count
Environmental Monitoring of Parenteral Processing Area by RODAC Plate and Swab
Environmental Monitoring of Parenteral Processing Area by Settling Plate Count Method
Environmental Monitoring of Walk-in-Incubators
Evaluation of Analyst's Performance
Evaluation of Compressed Air in Manufacturing of Pharmaceutical Products
Evaluation of Environmental Monitoring Results (Trend Analysis)
Fumigation in Microbiology Lab
Fumigation in Production Area by Using 5% Gramicid and Fogger
Fumigation of Microbiology Laboratory
Garment Cabinet
General Test Procedure
Glassware Washing
Good Laboratory Practice (GLP)
Gowning Procedure for Quality Control
Gowning Procedure for Visitors
Growth Promotion Test and Calibration of Inoculum
Guideline for Storage Condition of Raw Material
Guideline for System Suitability Test for HPLC Analysis
Guidelines for Working in Microbiology Laboratory
HPLC Analysis and Documentation
HPLC Column Receipt, Checking and Regeneration
HPLC System Using Chemistation Software from Agilent
Hand Wash Procedure
Handling and Usage of Hazardous Chemicals
Handling and Control for Prohibited Items
Handling and Storage of Raw and Packing Material
Handling and Testing of InProcess Sample
Handling and Testing of Various Samples
Handling of Biological Indicators
Handling of Glassware
Handling of Glassware in Pharma
Handling of Lysate for Endotoxin Testing
Handling of Market Complaints
Handling of Market Complaints in Pharmaceuticals
Handling of Out of Limit Results in Environmental Marketing and Water Analysis
Handling of Out of Specification Results in Microbiological
Handling of Reference and Working Standards
Handling of Rejected Packing Materials
Handling of Rejected Raw Material
Handling of Sieves and Screen
Handling of Spillage of Solid / Liquid Media Containing Growth
Handling of Tablet Counter
Handling of the Spillages in the Laboratory
Heat Distribution Study in Chamber of Dry Heat Sterilizer Using Different Probe with Data Logger
Heat Distribution Study in Depyrogemation Oven using Different Probes with Data Logger
Heat Distribution Study in Oven using Multi Probe Data Logger
Heating Block Validation
Horizontal Autoclave
Hot Air Oven
House Keeping of Stores
Identification of Contaminant in Sterile Area
Identification of Microorganisms after Subculturing
Identification of Microbial Cultures using Biomeriux Identification System
Identification of Organisms
Inspection and Numbering of Sieves/Screens
Inspection of Media Fill Vials and Qualification of Inspectors
Inspection of Pressure Vessels, Lifts and Chain Pulley Blocks
Inspection/Cleaning of Filters of AHU System
Installation, Operational and Performance Qualification of Equipment / Instruments
Instrument for Macroscopical Examination
Intimation of Breakdown of Utilities Services & Equipments in Manufacturing & Packing Department During Working
Inventory and Issuance of Media
Investigation for Out of Action Level Results of Monitoring of Microbiological Environment
Investigation of Sterility Test Failure
Issuance of Additional Packaging Materials
LAF Unit in Sampling Room
Laboratory Cleaning
Laboratory Safety
Lal Test by Gel Clot Method
Laminar Air Flow Unit
Laminar Air Flow Workbench
Leak Seal Test Apparatus
Leak Test Apparatus
Leak Test of Strip, Blister and Alu – Alu Blister Sealing
Leak Tester
Linearity Check of High Performance Liquid Chromatograph (HPLC)
Logic for Giving Number to the Method for Analysis of Finished product and Raw Material
Logic for Giving Number to the Method for Analysis of Packaging Material
Lyophilized Vials of Microorganisms
METONE Laser Particle Counter
Magnetic Stirrer with Hot Plate
Maintaining Machine Usage Log
Maintaining the Manufacturing Facility
Maintenance and Calibration of Heating Block
Maintenance and Cleaning Procedure for Sampling Equipment
Maintenance and Cleaning of Cooling Towers
Maintenance and Transfer of Stock Cultures
Maintenance of Desiccator
Maintenance of Desiccator in Pharma
Maintenance of Environmental Control
Making Production Related Entries in SAP System
Manual Glassware Cleaning
Manufacturing of Tablets and Capsules
Material and Product Labeling in Production Area
Measurement of Air Velocity and Calculation of Air Changes per Hour
Measurement of Air Velocity and Calculation of Air Changes per Hour for Classified Areas
Measurement of Particle Size of Raw Materials Using Microscopic Method
Media Preparation
Media Preparation and Growth Promotion Test
Media Preparation for Microbial Analysis
Media Stock Maintenance and Suitability Testing of Media
Melting Point Apparatus
Method for Programme File Checks of Software of Instruments
Microbial Analysis of Swab Samples from Equipment Surface in Production Area
Microbial Assay
Microbial Limit Test of Raw Material and Finished Product
Microbial Monitoring of Drainage in Solid Dosage Manufacturing Area
Microbial Staining Procedures
Microbial Testing of Drain Water
Microbiological Integrity Testing of Vials
Microbiological Monitoring of Clean Equipment by Swab method
Milli-Q Water System from Millipore
Milliflex Water Filtration Unit
Monitoring Power Consumption
Monitoring UV Light Efficiency in LAF and Pass Box
Monitoring of Compressed Air / Gases
Monitoring of Microbiology Laboratory
Monitoring of Raw Water and Potable Water Quality
Muffel Furnace
Numbering System of Media
Octagonal Blender (1000 Litre)
Operating Procedure of Colony Counter
Operating Procedure of Culture Cabinet
Operating Procedure of Data Logger
Operating Procedure of Double Door Autoclave
Operating Procedure of Fogster – ULV Fogger Machine
Operating Procedure of Laminar Air Flow
Operating Procedure of Water bath
Operating and Cleaning of Distilled Water Unit
Operating of Potentiometer
Operation after M.S.E.B Power Failure
Operation after M.S.E.B Power Resumption
Operation and Calibration of Bulk density Apparatus
Operation and Calibration of Conductivity Meter
Operation and Calibration of Conductivity Meter in Pharma
Operation and Calibration of Friability Test Apparatus
Operation and Calibration of Mettler Toledo Analytical Balance
Operation and Calibration of Micropipette
Operation and Calibration of Tablet Disintegration Apparatus
Operation and Calibration of pH Meter
Operation and Cleaning of Autoclave
Operation and Cleaning of Air Sampler SAS 180 L
Operation and Cleaning of Deep Freezer
Operation and Cleaning of Garment Cubicle
Operation and Cleaning of Microscope
Operation and Cleaning of Pass Box
Operation and Cleaning of Refrigerator
Operation and Cleaning of Steam Sterilizer
Operation and Cleaning of Triobloc
Operation and Cleaning of Vertical Portable Autoclave
Operation and Maintenance of Liquid Particle Counter
Operation and Maintenance of Low tension (L.T.) Panels
Operation and Maintenance of Water Purification System
Operation of Air Sampler
Operation of Automatic Cartoning Machine
Operation of Axial Flow Fan Units (Supply and Return)
Operation of Deduster Cum Metal Detector
Operation of Drum Mixer
Operation of EPD Collator Coupled with Strip Packing Machine
Operation of Forced Draft Ventilation (FDV) and Forced Exhaust (FE) Unit
Operation of High Tension (H.T.) Panel
Operation of Hot Water System
Operation of Karl Fischer Apparatus
Operation of Mini Roll Compactor
Operation of Sampling Booth
Operation of Semi Auto Induction Capsule Sealing Machine
Operation of the Lux Meter and Monitoring the Lux Level
Operation of 'Bliss' the Online Inspection System
Operation, Cleaning and Monitoring of Bio-Safety Cabinet
Operation, Cleaning and Monitoring of Laminar Air Flow
Operational Check of Friability Test Apparatus
Operational Check of Disintegration Test Apparatus
Operational Qualification of Dissolution Tester
Ordering, Receiving, Storage, Issue & Destruction of Dies, Punches
Out of Acceptance Limit for Critical Parameters in Purified Water System
Out of Specification (OOS)
Oven for Depyrogenetion
Oven for Incubation at 55⁰ C
Oven of Loss on Drying
Overprinting of Batch Details on Cartons and Catch Covers
Packing of Tablets/Capsules in Primary Packing and Secondary Packing
Palm Swabbing in Manufacturing Area
Particle Counter
Passivation of Purified Water Storage Tank and Distribution Piping
Paste Kettle
Paste Preparation Vessel
Performance Check of Autodiluter
Performance Check of Automatic Distillation Apparatus
Performance Check of Fourier Transform Infrared
Performance Check of Karl Fischer
Performance Check of Low Temperature Water Bath
Performance Check of UV – Visible Spectrophotometer (Jasco)
Performance Check of UV/ Visible Spectrophotometer
Performance Checks of Karl Fischer Apparatus
Performing Area Qualification of the Facility
Personnel Monitoring for Microbial Contamination in Aseptic Area
Personnel Qualification of Aseptic Area and Sterility Testing Area
Physical Monitoring of Microbiology Section
Planning for Analysis and Reporting of Results
Plate Exposure
Post Sterility Growth Promotion Test
Pre Filter Cleaning of RLAF
Preparation and Bioburden Monitoring of IPA 70% v/v
Preparation and Handling of Primary Standard
Preparation and Handling of Working Standards
Preparation and Standardization of Volumetric Solution
Preparation of Bench Reagents
Preparation of Culture Dilutions for Analysis
Preparation of Culture Inoculum
Preparation of Culture of Microorganism
Preparation of Dresses for Sterilisation
Preparation of Media containing Sterile Petridishes, Agar Slants and Agar Butts
Preparation of Microbial Culture Media
Preparation of Reagent Solution
Preparation of Rejection Note
Preparation of Sodium Hypochlorite Solution, Sodium Meta Bi Sulphite Solution (SMBS), Brine Solution and Sodium Hydroxide (NaOH) solution for Purified Water
Preparation of Stock Solution for Limit Test
Preparation of Trends
Preparation of Volumetric Solutions
Preparation of Working Standards
Preparation, Approval, Issue, Control, Uncontrol and Revision of Quality Manual
Preparation, Review and Approval of Standard Operating Procedures
Preservation of Control Samples of Active Ingredients
Prevention of Accidents and Fire Caused by Improper Handling of Welding and Gas Cutting Machine
Preventive Maintenance of Equipments and Systems
Preventive Maintenance of Instrument
Procedure for Bioburden, BET and LPC of Primary Packaging Materials
Procurement and Handling of Reference Standard
Procurement, Maintenance and Sub-culturing of Standard Microbial Cultures
Proper Disposal of Contaminated Material Containing Microbial Growth
Proper Disposal of Expired Finished Goods
Qualification of Biological Indicator
Qualification of Facility / Equipments / Systems
Quantification of Microbial Culture
RLAF Unit in Sampling Room
Raising Work Permit
Rapid Mixer Granulator (RMG)
Raw Material Release
Re-analysis of Raw Material
Receipt and Maintenance of Working Standards of API
Receipt of Raw and Packing Material
Receipt, Issuance, Storage and Handling of Solvents
Receipt, Numbering, Usage and Destruction of FBD Filter Bag
Receiving the Samples in Microbiology lab
Reconciliation of Raw Materials and Packing Materials
Recording of Differential Pressure in Production Area
Recording of Temperature and Humidity in Raw Material Store
Recording of Temperature and Humidity in Stores Department
Recording of Temperature in Production Department
Recording of Analytical Data
Release of Finished Product
Retesting Schedule of Packaging Material
Retesting Schedule of Raw Material
Retesting Schedule of Raw Material (For API)
Retesting of Raw Materials
Return of Raw and Packaging Materials from Production Department
Rounding off the Analytical Test Results
Routine Cleaning Verification by TOC-SSM Method
Safe Unloading of Chemicals, Furnace Oil and High-speed Diesel from Vehicle
Safe and Effective Operations of the Air Compressors
Safely and Effectively Clean and Disinfect the Drains
Safety in Quality Controls
Safety in Quality Control in Pharma
Saizoner Mixer Granulator
Sampling and Release of Inprocess Samples
Sampling and Release of Raw Materials
Sampling and Testing Schedule of Purified Water
Sampling and Testing Schedule of Water for Injection and Clean Steam
Sampling and Testing of Pure Steam
Sampling of Finished Product
Sampling of Packing Material
Sampling of Raw Material
Sampling of Raw Material in Pharma
Sampling of Raw Water and Purified Water
Sampling of the Packaging Material
Sanitization of FFS Area
Sanitization of Purified Water Generation System Using Hot Water
Selection Criteria and its Procedure before Dissolution Profile Study
Sieve Analysis
Sieve Shaker
Slit to Agar Air Sampler
Specifying the Responsibilities of Production Department
Stability Studies of Finished Goods
Stacking of Packed Shippers on Pallet
Standard, General Reagents and Indicator Solutions
Start up after Shut Down in Microbiology
Starting and Stopping of Boilers
Statistical Study for Trend Analysis of Purified Water and Water for Injection
Steam Penetration Study by Bowie-Dick Test
Stenciling of Shippers Used for Packing
Stereo Ordering, Issue, Receipt & Destruction of Rubber Stereos
Sterile Dress Cabinet
Sterility Testing
Sterility Testing Using Manifold Filtration Method
Sterility Testing by Membrane Filtration Method
Sterility Testing of Compressed Air, Nitrogen and Carbon Dioxide
Sterility Using Streitest Equinox
Sterilization Reel Sealer
Sterilization by Autoclave for Microbiological Analysis
Sterilization of Accessories by Dry Heat Sterilization (DHS)
Storage and Preparation of Microbiological Culture Media
Storage and Transfer of Dispensed Raw Material in Day Store
Storage and Use of Reagents and Chemicals
Storage of Sampling Tools
Storage of Temperature Sensitive Raw Materials
Strip Packing Machine
Sub-culturing and Maintenance of Microbial Cultures
Swab Sampling for Validation of Test Surface to Evaluate Cleaning Efficiency
Tablet Branding Machine
Tablet Granulation, Compression and Coating
Tablet Inspection
Tablet Inspection Machine
Tap Density Apparatus
Temperature Mapping
Temperature, Humidity and Differential Pressure Monitoring
Testing and Release / Rejection of Raw Material
Testing and Release / Rejection of Packaging Materials
Testing for Bioburden of Fractional Solutions
Testing of Biological Indicators
Testing of Compressed Air and Nitrogen Gas for Viable Count
Testing of Earth Pits
Testing of Miscellaneous Samples
Testing, Release or Rejection of Finished Product
Top Pan Balance
Training Procedure for Quality Control
Transfer of Lubricated Granules from Bunker to Compression Machine
Trend Analysis
UV Cabinet
Ultrasonic Cleaner
Unloading, Storage, Handling and Use of Compressed Gas Cylinders
Use of Log Card for Equipment Status
Vacuum Cleaner
Vacuum Pump
Vacuum Test Apparatus
Validation of Autoclave
Validation of Autoclave with Biological Indicator for Sterilization Efficiency
Validation of Autoclave with Biological Indicators
Validation of Clean Area and Equipment Lying in Clean Area
Validation of DHS with Biological Indicator
Validation of Microbiologist
Validation of Oven for Depyrogenation
Vehicle Inspection
Verification of System Suitability Test
Verification of System Suitability Test Measured by Chromcard Software for GC
Verticle Autoclave
Vessels Operated Greater than Atmospheric Pressure
Vibro Sifter
Visit the Microbiology Section
Volume Delivering Systems (Peristaltic Pump)
Vortex Mixer
Washing of HPLC Column After Use
Washing of HPLC Columns
Water Bath
Water Sampling
Writing Method of Analysis for Packaging Material
Cleaning and Operation of Incubator
pH Meter
Operation of Semi-Automatic Cartoning Machine (VP-120)
Preventive Maintenance of all Quality Control Instruments
SOP in Pharmaceuticals
Standard Operating Procedures

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