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Hospitality SOPs - Accounts

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SOP-AC-01 : Role of Accounts
SOP-AC-02 : Accounts Organizational Structure
SOP-AC-03 : Accounting Metrics
SOP-AC-04 : Salary Processing
SOP-AC-05 : Various Acts Governing Resorts
SOP-AC-06 : Provident Fund
SOP-AC-07 : Employee State Insurance
SOP-AC-08 : Insurance Requirements of Resorts
SOP-AC-09 : Intellectual Property Rights
SOP-AC-10 : Asset Management
SOP-AC-11 : Cost Reduction Initiatives
SOP-AC-12 : Service Tax Procedures
SOP-AC-13 : TDS procedure
SOP-AC-14 : Professional Tax
SOP-AC-15 : Value Added Tax
SOP-AC-16 : Luxury Tax

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Hospitality SOPs - Front Office

SOP-FO-01 : Batch Close Process
SOP-FO-02 : Bill Preparation
SOP-FO-03 : Bill settlement by cash
SOP-FO-04 : Car Amenity for Airport Transfer
SOP-FO-05 : Car Checking Procedure
SOP-FO-06 : Cash Receipt Voucher
SOP-FO-07 : Chauffeur's Guidelines
SOP-FO-08 : Checking and Signing Registration Card
SOP-FO-09 : Bill Settlement by City Ledger
SOP-FO-10 : Complimentary Room Policy
SOP-FO-11 : Dealing with Stay Over
SOP-FO-12 : Dealing with Under Stay
SOP-FO-13 : Delivering WakeUp Call-Front Office Procedure
SOP-FO-14 : DND Procedure
SOP-FO-15 : Doctor on Call
SOP-FO-16 : Electronic Locker Safe Opening
SOP-FO-17 : Check In- Escorting
SOP-FO-18 : Check In- Filling Up Registration Card
SOP-FO-19 : Handling Front Office Master Key
SOP-FO-20 : Welcoming and Greeting
SOP-FO-21 : Grooming Standards
SOP-FO-22 : Guest Birthday and Anniversary
SOP-FO-23 : Handling Guest Complaints
SOP-FO-24 : Handling Guest Query in Person
SOP-FO-25 : Handling Guest Query over Telephone
SOP-FO-26 : IOwe You (IOU)
SOP-FO-27 : Issuing Duplicate Room Key to Guest
SOP-FO-28 : Letter Writing Format
SOP-FO-29 : Miscellaneous Voucher
SOP-FO-30 : Monitoring and Maintaining Room
SOP-FO-31 : Night Audit Process
SOP-FO-32 : Paging or Locating a Guest
SOP-FO-33 : Paid Out Voucher
SOP-FO-34 : Petty Cash Voucher
SOP-FO-35 : Check In - Pre Registration
SOP-FO-36 : Gift or Discount Coupon
SOP-FO-37 : Posting Charges-Receiving Cash Advance
SOP-FO-38 : Posting Charges-Receiving Cheque Advance
SOP-FO-39 : Posting charges-Receiving Advance via Bank Transfer
SOP-FO-40 : Receiving Courier-Receiving Advance via Bank Transfer
SOP-FO-41 :Posting Charges-Receiving Credit Card Advance
SOP-FO-42 : Check In- Group Registration
SOP-FO-43 : Check In-Registration With Reservation
SOP-FO-44 :Check In-Registration Without Reservation
SOP-FO-45 : Pre Registration- Room Assignment
SOP-FO-46 : Standard Phrases to Address
SOP-FO-47 : Taking down wake up call
SOP-FO-48 : Taking Guest feedback
SOP-FO-49 : UP Selling
SOP-FO-50 : VIP Amenity procedure
SOP-FO-51 : VIP check in process
SOP-FO-52 : Bell Boy Guest Handling Operating Procedure at time of Check-in
SOP-FO-53 :Glossary Used in Front Office


Hospitality SOPs - Food & Beverage

SOP-FB-01 : Guest Check-Out Procedure from Outlet
SOP-FB-02 : Cleaning Ash Tray
SOP-FB-03 : How to Clear Beverage Glasses
SOP-FB-04 : Clearing the Table
SOP-FB-05 : Clearing the Table between Courses
SOP-FB-06 : How to Balance a tray
SOP-FB-07 : Delivering Food Orders from Kitchen to Guest Table
SOP-FB-08 : How to Enter guest Villa
SOP-FB-09 : Replenishment of Sugar
SOP-FB-10 : How to spot check floor
SOP-FB-11 : Guest Greeting and Seating
SOP-FB-12 : Handling Broken Items on Floor
SOP-FB-13 : Handling Guest Complaints
SOP-FB-14 : Handling Food or Beverage Spilling on Guest
SOP-FB-15 : Handling Special Requests or Guest Inconvenience
SOP-FB-16 : How to adjust cutlery
SOP-FB-17 : Answering Over the Phone
SOP-FB-18 : How to handle and maintain equipments
SOP-FB-19 : Checking Guest Satisfaction
SOP-FB-20 : Procedure to collect Stocks
SOP-FB-21 : Delivering Guest Complimentary Service
SOP-FB-22 : Guest Menu Communication
SOP-FB-23 : Informing Guest about Daily Promotions
SOP-FB-24 : Organizing Special Meal Setup
SOP-FB-25 : Preparing Salt & Pepper Shakers
SOP-FB-26 : Replenishment of Store Stocks
SOP-FB-27 : Serving New Beverages
SOP-FB-28 : Procedure to serve tea or coffee
SOP-FB-29 : Procedure for Setting up Table
SOP-FB-30 : Presenting Paper Serviette on guest request
SOP-FB-31 : Presenting Menu to Guest
SOP-FB-32 : Repeating Orders
SOP-FB-33 : How to serve Bread
SOP-FB-34 : How to do suggestive selling
SOP-FB-35 : Taking Food Orders from Guest
SOP-FB-36 : Taking Food Orders from Guest over Phone
SOP-FB-37 : Taking reservations over the phone
SOP-FB-38 : How to unfold the napkin
SOP-FB-39 : Upselling of Tea, Coffee or Dessert
SOP-FB-40 : Checking and Storing Beverages Stock
SOP-FB-41 : Taking Care Of Cigars (Standard and Quality)
SOP-FB-42 : Presenting Cigars to Guest
SOP-FB-43 : Setting up of Bar Counter for Bar Services
SOP-FB-44 : Bar Closing Procedures
SOP-FB-45 : Bar Hygiene
SOP-FB-46 : Procedure to serve cold towels during Guest visit to restaurant
SOP-FB-47 : Organising Bar Outlet for the day
SOP-FB-48 : Procedure to take Wine orders
SOP-FB-49 : Serving Wine by Glass
SOP-FB-50 : Cleaning And Sanitizing Food Contact Services
SOP-FB-51 : Food And Safety Checklist
SOP-FB-52 : Controlling the time temp during prep
SOP-FB-53 : Cooking and Reheating Temp Log
SOP-FB-54 : Cooking Potentially Hazardous Food
SOP-FB-55 : Cooling Potentially Hazardous Food
SOP-FB-56 : Cooling Temperature Log
SOP-FB-57 : Damage or discarded product log
SOP-FB-58 : Date Marking Ready-To-Eat Potential Hazardous Food
SOP-FB-59 : Employee Food Safety Training Record
SOP-FB-60 : Food Contact Surfaces Cleaning and Sanitizing Log
SOP-FB-61 : Handling a Food recall
SOP-FB-62 : Holding Hot and Cold Potential Hazardous Food
SOP-FB-63 : Personal Hygiene
SOP-FB-64 : Preventing Contamination at Food Bars
SOP-FB-65 : Preventing Cross Contamination During Storage and Preparation
SOP-FB-66 : Production Log
SOP-FB-67 : Receiving Deliveries
SOP-FB-68 : Receiving Log
SOP-FB-69 : Refrigeration Log
SOP-FB-70 : Reheating Potential Hazardous Food
SOP-FB-71 : Serving Food


Hospitality SOPs - Housekeeping

SOP-HK-01 : Glossary Used in Resort Technologies
SOP-HK-02 : Responsibilities of Housekeeping
SOP-HK-03 : Duties of Housekeeping Personnel
SOP-HK-04 : Personal Attributes of Housekeeping Staff
SOP-HK-05 : Housekeeping Department Layout
SOP-HK-06 : Housekeeping Coordination with Front Office
SOP-HK-07 : Coordination with Maintenance Department
SOP-HK-08 : Housekeeping Coordination with Food and Beverages
SOP-HK-09 : Housekeeping coordination with other departments
SOP-HK-10 : Management Process of Housekeeping
SOP-HK-11 : Minimum Requirements of Housekeeping
SOP-HK-12 : Housekeeping Job Description
SOP-HK-13 : Housekeeping Position Description
SOP-HK-14 : Housekeeping Job Specification, Job List and Job Break Down
SOP-HK-15 : Determining Staff Strength in Housekeeping
SOP-HK-16 : Housekeeping Staff Guide
SOP-HK-17 : Recruitment Process of Housekeeping
SOP-HK-18 : Employee Selection Procedure
SOP-HK-19 : Employee Training
SOP-HK-20 : Scheduling Practises
SOP-HK-21 : Employee Motivation
SOP-HK-22 : Performance Appraisal
SOP-HK-23 : Guidelines of Outsourcing
SOP-HK-24 : Planning Housekeeping Operations
SOP-HK-25 : Housekeeping of Daily Routines and System
SOP-HK-26 : Housekeeping Inventories
SOP-HK-27 : Composition, care, and cleaning of different surfaces
SOP-HK-28 : Guest Floor Rules
SOP-HK-29 : Guestroom Status
SOP-HK-30 : Guest-floor Reportable
SOP-HK-31 : Public Area Cleaning
SOP-HK-32 : Housekeeping Supervisions
SOP-HK-33 : Housekeeping of Forms, Records and Register
SOP-HK-34 : Telephone Call Handling
SOP-HK-35 : Paging Systems and Methods
SOP-HK-36 : Difficult Situation Handling
SOP-HK-37 : Housekeeping Budgeting
SOP-HK-38 : Linen and Laundry Operations
SOP-HK-39 : Safety and Security of Housekeeping
SOP-HK-40 : Ergonomics in Housekeeping
SOP-HK-41 : Pest Control and Waste Disposal
SOP-HK-42 : Horticulture
SOP-HK-43 : Mini Bar Operating and Tracking Procedure

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Hospitality SOPs - HR & Admin

SOP-HR-01 : Recruitment Process
SOP-HR-02 : Joining Formalities
SOP-HR-03 : New Employee Orientation
SOP-HR-04 : Employee Personal File
SOP-HR-05 : Salary Processing and Disbursement
SOP-HR-06 : Provident Fund
SOP-HR-08 : Employee Benefits
SOP-HR-09 : Tracking items issued to employees
SOP-HR-10 : Leaves
SOP-HR-11 : Organization Code Of Conduct
SOP-HR-12 : Grievance and Complaints Procedure
SOP-HR-13 : Performance Appraisal, Increment and Promotion
SOP-HR-14 : Grooming Standards
SOP-HR-15 : Health And Safety
SOP-HR-16 : Interaction With Guests, Managers and Colleagues
SOP-HR-17 : List of Employees
SOP-HR-18 : Attendance And Time Office
SOP-HR-19 : Asset register
SOP-HR-20 : Professional Development and Training
SOP-HR-21 : Disciplinary Proceedings
SOP-HR-22 : Exit and Retention Policy
SOP-HR-23 : Transfer Policy
SOP-HR-24 : Travel Reimbursement Policy
SOP-HR-25 : Rewards and Recognition
SOP-HR-26 : Employee Suggestion Scheme
SOP-HR-27 : IT, Email and Social Media Policy

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Hospitality SOPs - Operations & Maintenance

SOP-OM-01 : Terminologies in OM
SOP-OM-02 : Roles & Responsibilities Of Maintenance
SOP-OM-03 : Preventive Maintenance Program for Air-Conditioning
SOP-OM-04 : Preventive Maintenance Program For Water Heaters
SOP-OM-05 : Preventive Maintenance program For Electrical & Electronic Equipment’s
SOP-OM-06 : Preventive Maintenance Program For Furniture
SOP-OM-07 : Windows and Glass pane maintenance
SOP-OM-08 : Maintenance Forms
SOP-OM-09 : Maintenance & Safe Operation Of Vehicles
SOP-OM-10 : Signages within Organization Premises
SOP-OM-11 : Maintenance of Pool side area
SOP-OM-12 : Maintenance of Gym
SOP-OM-13 : Breakdown Maintenance in Occupied Room
SOP-OM-14 : Interaction and Co-ordination with Other Departments
SOP-OM-15 : Maintenance & Upkeep of Fire Extinguisher
SOP-OM-16 : Generator Maintenance
SOP-OM-17 : Utilities Management
SOP-OM-18 : Asset & Equipment legal Compliances
SOP-OM-19 : Operational Safety of Gas & Electrical Equipment in Production Areas
SOP-OM-20 : Inspection & Maintenance of Drainage Systems
SOP-OM-21 : Rain Water Harvesting
SOP-OM-22 : Green Initiatives Within Organization Premises
SOP-OM-23 : Pest Control in Organization Premises
SOP-OM-24 : General Precautionary Actions
SOP-OM-25 : Handling of Locks and Key
SOP-OM-26 : Control of Inventory and Spare Parts
SOP-OM-27 : Maintenance Registers & Records
SOP-OM-28 : Painting & Renovation
SOP-OM-29 : Closets, Washbasins and Bathtubs Maintenance

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Hospitality SOPs - Sales & Marketing

SOP-SM-01 : The Sales and Marketing Organization
SOP-SM-02 : Sales and Marketing functions
SOP-SM-03 : Terminologies in Sales and Marketing
SOP-SM-04 : The Sales Process
SOP-SM-05 : Negotiation Techniques
SOP-SM-06 : Customer Relationship Management
SOP-SM-07 : Effective Techniques in Sales
SOP-SM-08 : Marketing Techniques
SOP-SM-09 : Customer Service in Sales
SOP-SM-10 : Credit Policy
SOP-SM-11 : Booking Policy
SOP-SM-12 : Cancellation Policy
SOP-SM-13 : Discount Policy

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Hospitality SOPs - Security

SOP-SE-01 : Public Access AED
SOP-SE-02 : Banquet Hall
SOP-SE-03 : Blood Borne Pathogens
SOP-SE-05 : Clean up Of Broken Mercury LightBulbs
SOP-SE-06 : Fire Drill
SOP-SE-07 : First Aid
SOP-SE-08 : Guest Death
SOP-SE-09 : Guest Floor Patrolling
SOP-SE-10 : Hazard Communication
SOP-SE-11 : In room safe locker
SOP-SE-12 : Legionella Bacteria Growth Prevention in Water
SOP-SE-13 : Lost or Missing Persons
SOP-SE-14 : Dealing With Open Flames
SOP-SE-15 : Personal Protective Equipment
SOP-SE-16 : Safety and Security Training
SOP-SE-17 : Valet Parking
SOP-SE-18 : Vehicle Safety
SOP-SE-19 : VIP Handling
SOP-SE-20 : Incoming Outgoing Vehicle Inspection
SOP-SE-21 : Health Standards
SOP-SE-22 : Grooming Standards
SOP-SE-23 : Poisonous Insects and Snake Bite
SOP-SE-24 : Incoming Personnel Inspection

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