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SOP-HK-01 : Glossary Used in Resort Technologies
SOP-HK-02 : Responsibilities of Housekeeping
SOP-HK-03 : Duties of Housekeeping Personnel
SOP-HK-04 : Personal Attributes of Housekeeping Staff
SOP-HK-05 : Housekeeping Department Layout
SOP-HK-06 : Housekeeping Coordination with Front Office
SOP-HK-07 : Coordination with Maintenance Department
SOP-HK-08 : Housekeeping Coordination with Food and Beverages
SOP-HK-09 : Housekeeping coordination with other departments
SOP-HK-10 : Management Process of Housekeeping
SOP-HK-11 : Minimum Requirements of Housekeeping
SOP-HK-12 : Housekeeping Job Description
SOP-HK-13 : Housekeeping Position Description
SOP-HK-14 : Housekeeping Job Specification, Job List and Job Break Down
SOP-HK-15 : Determining Staff Strength in Housekeeping
SOP-HK-16 : Housekeeping Staff Guide
SOP-HK-17 : Recruitment Process of Housekeeping
SOP-HK-18 : Employee Selection Procedure
SOP-HK-19 : Employee Training
SOP-HK-20 : Scheduling Practises
SOP-HK-21 : Employee Motivation
SOP-HK-22 : Performance Appraisal
SOP-HK-23 : Guidelines of Outsourcing
SOP-HK-24 : Planning Housekeeping Operations
SOP-HK-25 : Housekeeping of Daily Routines and System
SOP-HK-26 : Housekeeping Inventories
SOP-HK-27 : Composition, care, and cleaning of different surfaces
SOP-HK-28 : Guest Floor Rules
SOP-HK-29 : Guestroom Status
SOP-HK-30 : Guest-floor Reportable
SOP-HK-31 : Public Area Cleaning
SOP-HK-32 : Housekeeping Supervisions
SOP-HK-33 : Housekeeping of Forms, Records and Register
SOP-HK-34 : Telephone Call Handling
SOP-HK-35 : Paging Systems and Methods
SOP-HK-36 : Difficult Situation Handling
SOP-HK-37 : Housekeeping Budgeting
SOP-HK-38 : Linen and Laundry Operations
SOP-HK-39 : Safety and Security of Housekeeping
SOP-HK-40 : Ergonomics in Housekeeping
SOP-HK-41 : Pest Control and Waste Disposal
SOP-HK-42 : Horticulture
SOP-HK-43 : Mini Bar Operating and Tracking Procedure

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