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SOP-FO-01 : Batch Close Process
SOP-FO-02 : Bill Preparation
SOP-FO-03 : Bill settlement by cash
SOP-FO-04 : Car Amenity for Airport Transfer
SOP-FO-05 : Car Checking Procedure
SOP-FO-06 : Cash Receipt Voucher
SOP-FO-07 : Chauffeur's Guidelines
SOP-FO-08 : Checking and Signing Registration Card
SOP-FO-09 : Bill Settlement by City Ledger
SOP-FO-10 : Complimentary Room Policy
SOP-FO-11 : Dealing with Stay Over
SOP-FO-12 : Dealing with Under Stay
SOP-FO-13 : Delivering WakeUp Call-Front Office Procedure
SOP-FO-14 : DND Procedure
SOP-FO-15 : Doctor on Call
SOP-FO-16 : Electronic Locker Safe Opening
SOP-FO-17 : Check In- Escorting
SOP-FO-18 : Check In- Filling Up Registration Card
SOP-FO-19 : Handling Front Office Master Key
SOP-FO-20 : Welcoming and Greeting
SOP-FO-21 : Grooming Standards
SOP-FO-22 : Guest Birthday and Anniversary
SOP-FO-23 : Handling Guest Complaints
SOP-FO-24 : Handling Guest Query in Person
SOP-FO-25 : Handling Guest Query over Telephone
SOP-FO-26 : IOwe You (IOU)
SOP-FO-27 : Issuing Duplicate Room Key to Guest
SOP-FO-28 : Letter Writing Format
SOP-FO-29 : Miscellaneous Voucher
SOP-FO-30 : Monitoring and Maintaining Room
SOP-FO-31 : Night Audit Process
SOP-FO-32 : Paging or Locating a Guest
SOP-FO-33 : Paid Out Voucher
SOP-FO-34 : Petty Cash Voucher
SOP-FO-35 : Check In - Pre Registration
SOP-FO-36 : Gift or Discount Coupon
SOP-FO-37 : Posting Charges-Receiving Cash Advance
SOP-FO-38 : Posting Charges-Receiving Cheque Advance
SOP-FO-39 : Posting charges-Receiving Advance via Bank Transfer
SOP-FO-40 : Receiving Courier-Receiving Advance via Bank Transfer
SOP-FO-41 :Posting Charges-Receiving Credit Card Advance
SOP-FO-42 : Check In- Group Registration
SOP-FO-43 : Check In-Registration With Reservation
SOP-FO-44 :Check In-Registration Without Reservation
SOP-FO-45 : Pre Registration- Room Assignment
SOP-FO-46 : Standard Phrases to Address
SOP-FO-47 : Taking down wake up call
SOP-FO-48 : Taking Guest feedback
SOP-FO-49 : UP Selling
SOP-FO-50 : VIP Amenity procedure
SOP-FO-51 : VIP check in process
SOP-FO-52 : Bell Boy Guest Handling Operating Procedure at time of Check-in
SOP-FO-53 :Glossary Used in Front Office